Are your web pages fit for lockdown and beyond?
Is your website fit for lockdown?

Are your web pages fit for lockdown and beyond?

Social media has felt like a shouting match in the past, with everyone churning out more and more content for an audience with less and less time to read it. It made you wonder if online marketing was worth the effort.

But the lockdown may be a golden opportunity to reach out to a captive audience. A recent survey indicates that the average UK household is spending an average of 41 hours per week online. Of that time, eight and a half hours is dedicated to work – a 67% increase compared with pre-lockdown.

Without the pressures of the office, a potential customer has more time on their hands to read relevant and interesting content. However, if you’re going to entice people to visit your online presence, are you sure your website content is up to scratch?

Reasons to keep your website updated

If you run a business website, it’s because you recognise its potential as a marketing tool. But to capitalise on its potential, the content on each page must be kept updated:

  • Improve your SEO: With face-to-face networking out of the question during lockdown, you rely more on your website to get introductions to potential customers; you must be easy to find in an online search. Search engines love new content and will present it to their users to demonstrate the value of searching on their websites.
  • First impressions: Faced with old content and an unkempt website, visitors will question whether you’re still trading, or whether your business can live up to your promises. Fresh, relevant content assures them you’re ready for business.
  • Refreshed keywords: If you’re selling a new product, introducing a new service or promoting a particular area of your business, ensure your website uses the right keywords to draw attention to them.
  • Providing a service: Useful information and guides can help you do your best for the community and your customers. In unusual and fluid circumstances people may look to you for different things and your website should move with the times.
  • Keep clients in the picture: If you’ve changed your business focus, how you operate, or you’re doing something differently during lockdown, let your website reflect them and keep people informed. They may be desperate to find someone who’s open for business right now.

The impact on your business of fresh web pages

I recently worked with a client on a significant revamp of their website content. The business had evolved and updating their website was an essential way of communicating this with new content by:

  • Demonstrating growing expertise and a wider geographical footprint for their business
  • Highlighting key products and technologies
  • Introducing new keywords throughout content
  • Delivering stronger branding

Your call to action

Approximately 96% of visitors to a website aren’t ready to buy, but they are curious and they’re probably looking for more information or reassurance. Take a look at your website and consider what needs to change to entice them back, so you can take them a little further along their journey to buying.

Decide what you can do yourself and where you may need assistance from a specialist, perhaps as part of a marketing. Now is the time to act so that your business is ready to take advantage of any bounce-back once the lockdown is eased.

Bill Blogs

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