Waypoint Digital Marketing

"Bill has been writing a wide range of blogs, articles and website pages for Waypoint for the last three years. He always delivers well written, thoughtful and often humorous copy within tight timelines and is a real pleasure to work with." Adam Richards, Managing Director

My company sells speakers and other equipment for home audio systems and for that my website is vital. I’ve asked Bill Blogs to produce a series of blog posts to explain my products to the general public. They know how to cut out any unnecessary technical details and focus on what people want to know and I see a spike in visitors every time I post one. I’ve also asked Bill Blogs at short notice to produce advertorial and news articles and he’s never failed to deliver great copy on time.
When I set up my new website, I found I didn’t have time to write a regular series of posts for my blog. Since taking on Bill Blogs I’ve been delighted by the regular stream of well-written, informative and topical articles they have written for my business. We see each other regularly and produce a topical calendar to work from. We also meet regularly to update and modify the plan. The result is timely accurate articles that come out regularly, needing little input from me.
Working with Bill Blogs is like having another member on my team. I don’t have time to write my own online content, so I trust Bill Blogs to work with me to produce an editorial calendar to generate ideas for monthly blog posts. We meet face to face and he has a strong understanding of what I do which he writes clearly and simply, with an entertaining twist, so that potential customers visiting my website understand what I offer.
I’ve created my own online marketing business, so I know blogging. That’s why I’m delighted that Bill Blogs has come on board to help generate my online content. Bill has a knack for turning complex issues and obscure industry jargon into clear, informative and entertaining articles that gets my point across. He understands the importance of SEO and makes sure his copy ticks all the right boxes while keeping to plain English. The blog posts that Bill Blogs writes generate some of the busiest activity on my website.
“I’ve recently started working with Bill Blogs and I’m already delighted with the boost their writing has given to my website. My business, Body Conditioning, provides personalised fitness, nutrition and lifestyle solutions for clients and I rely on my website to grow my client base. Bill Blogs produces a regular stream of informative and entertaining blogs as well as regular newsletters and as a result I’ve already seen a large increase in visitors to my website. Bill Blogs understands my goals and gives me invaluable support to meet them within budget and on time. I highly recommend working with them.”
I have known Bill for over ten years and he always delivers on his promises. We have used his freelance writing services for blogs, press releases and case studies. Bill Blogs will give you a quick turnaround, with excellently written material, good spelling and grammar. I have no qualms in recommending Bill to you for online content writing or press work.