Christmas lessons for business communication
Santa keeps in contact with his audience

Christmas lessons for business communication

As Christmas is now upon us, we we’re all thinking of how were going to stay connected with friends and relatives under the various tiers of lockdown and many of us resort to the written word: round robin and Christmas cards.

Without the usual level of face-to-face connection, many business owners have also been trying to navigate the best ways to connect with remote customers over a prolonged period of time. There are lessons to be learned from our Christmas correspondence that can transfer to business.

Tips for building connections

There are particular aspects about how we communicate with our friends and family that can help us build better connections with our business audience. This is particularly important when you use a blog. Using a written format to try to project your business personality for an audience to connect with is challenging but important.

Can you see opportunities for applying these tips to writing your next post?

  • Know your audience – Who are you writing for? Why are they interested in your business? Why do they read your blog? Understand what they want, communications channels they used and know the service you can provide them
  • Use metaphors: These are great for evoking the senses and creating imagery the audience can connect to more easily
  • Use conversational language: Write as if you are having a conversation with a person, helping them to solve a problem or sharing advice with them. Your audience is more likely to connect with you if they feel that you are a genuine person
  • What questions are you being asked? This will tell you what’s important to your audience and why they are coming to you. Answer these questions to provide your audience a service but also ask them questions too. It helps you to learn more about their needs and starts a two-way conversation
  • Create a consistent voice: The style of communication you use will do a lot to help reinforce the brand you want to create but be consistent. Using the same language and style will help the reader become familiar with you
  • Post regularly: If you only post erratically, your readers will disengage because they won’t know what to expect from you, or when. Make sure you keep up with hot topics and react quickly to trends and events that may affect your readers.

Here’s to 2021

Connecting through our blogs will be particularly important to businesses in 2021, as it looks as though we’re going to continue doing business and reaching out to new markets while under various tiers of restrictions for months yet.

But in the meantime, it’s time to focus during the holidays on writing our round-robins and sending cards to friends and relatives. So I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a prosperous 2021. 

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