10 good reasons why you should be writing a business blog
Not everyone likes blogging but it's worth it for your business

10 good reasons why you should be writing a business blog

Writing content for a business blog is just another one of those jobs for your lengthy “To Do” list when you’re managing a business. When it’s your own business it’s even more difficult putting aside time to write when you’ve got to be an expert in delivery, human resources, accounting, marketing, even DIY.

But if you get the chance to stop and consider the potential impact of regularly posting to your blog, you may well decide it should go higher up your priority list than changing the bulb in your office. Here’s why.

The difference a blog can make 

  1. Increase your audience. There’s around four and a third BILLION active internet users at the moment, partly driven by the popularity of social media platforms. Surely some of them are interested in what you do?
  2. Establish a strong brand message. Trying to tell strangers what you do really focuses your mind on what you’re actually doing, and why you bother. Maybe it’ll make you think about what you should be doing. Once you’re clear on that, marketing is so much easier.
  3. Engage with your audience. Build relationships instead of “followers”, “hits” or Facebook “friends” with some two-way conversation. You’re not cold calling someone if you already have a connection through your website.
  4. Establish your expertise. Sharing your insight in a post lets people see you know your stuff.
  5. Improve SEO. Search engines scour the internet for new and relevant content and you can use keywords to help people find you content easier.
  6. Strong customer relationships. Responding to comments from posts helps build a rapport and also lets you see what your audience likes.
  7. Create opportunities. These don’t come knocking, so make people aware you exist and who knows what might happen.
  8. Stand out from the crowd. Telling your story and being consistent with posts keeps your business in the minds of customers.
  9. Share links. Other people, especially ones with a strong reputation, sharing your posts through links increases your own credibility and reach.
  10. Generate income. Increasing leads increases opportunities for sales. It’s down to you then.

So blog writing’s still not for you? 

Some people relish the chance to write their own posts, others see it as time-consuming or just not their thing. They may be nervous that the content they create won’t do their business justice, or worse still, turn people away.

With so much consumer choice and with a whole internet of content to choose from, it’s even more important to stand out and let people see why they should be choosing you above your competitors.

Or you’d rather spend your time doing what you’re good at, running your business? Why not delegate content writing to that keen young kid you’re employing in despatch who’s itching to tell people what they do?

Or you can outsource. If your website isn’t generating as many leads as you want, then expert writers such as Bill Blogs can work with you to stop hiding your light under a bushel.

Contact bill@billblogs.co.uk or ring 07981 269162. If you’ve got a story to tell, we’ll find it.