The power of a blog post
Generate leads with regular blogging

The power of a blog post

I’m a writer and I believe the written word is powerful so writing regular posts makes good sense to me.

Grab an opportunity to say what you want to a potential audience of millions? For free? Why not?

In fact, a survey of customers of the marketing software HubSpot revealed that companies which publish 16 or more blog posts every month get nearly three and a half times more traffic than those that publish 0-4 each month. (I can guess at which end of the 0-4 scale most people sit).

What exactly is the power of a post?    

  • Blog posts do wonders for your SEO. (Search Engine Optimisation).  Search engines really like new content and if you’re are regularly updating your website with new content the search engines index your site. Get creative with keywords and the search terms people use to find sites like yours and your potential hit rate is even better.  
  • Write to shine. Posts show that you know what your talking (writing?) about. Think about what your clients want to know and you can use a post to demonstrate your knowledge of what matters to them. Be relevant, write about the hot topics in your industry so that you will become an authority, building trust with readers.
  • Develop relationships with customers. Posts help you connect with new and existing customers who ask questions and comment about your posts that you can respond to. This way you connect on matters important to them. It’s also nicer to connect through a conversation rather than a sales pitch.
  • Pop up on people’s radar. When you update your content regularly, not only will people know you’re still alive and kicking, they’ll know that you’re committed to what you are doing through your regular updates.
  • Build your brand. Your blog is a good opportunity to build your brand. Readers can get a sense of who you are and why you do what you do by what you write about. This is a great opportunity to show that you are your business’s USP.

So why don’t businesses blog?

Despite the power of a blog, so many business owners just don’t get around to writing them on a regular basis for the similar reasons; I don’t know where to start; it takes up too much time; I can’t keep coming up with new ideas. But writing the blogs isn’t necessarily something you need to do yourself.

Discover your blogging muse

You may have a budding Shakespeare on your team who already knows how to write web content for their own purposes. Or recruit a family member to give a slightly different perspective.

Or, if you’re struggling with writer’s block and have so many more things to do with your time, why not use a professional content writer who can produce the sort of content you need to attract potential customers to your website on a regular basis.

Still need help blogging?

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