Variety is the spice of life and keeps blog posts fresh and interesting

Variety is the spice of life and keeps blog posts fresh and interesting

When I tell people that I blog for businesses, they often ask: “What’s your specialization? Do you have a particular business sector you write for?”

I know that these days, marketing is all about appealing to a niche group by specialising in a particular need, rather than compete on a general playing field, but I love the variety of writing on a whole range of subjects, even over the period of a single day.

Maybe it comes from my journalistic background; working on a busy regional daily in a lively city, I never knew what I’d be writing about when I arrived at the newsroom each morning.

Of course there’d be appointments and interviews scheduled in the diary; maybe discussing a controversial demolition with the local conservation group, followed by a trip to court to see who was “appearing”. At a magistrates’ court, you can get anything from an anti-social behaviour order to a murder hearing.

Then I might bash out a few “NIBs” (news in brief – they fill in the gaps on a page), about forthcoming charity events before chipping away at a feature on local health care. Then I’d grab a bite to eat before sitting through a district council meeting deciding on the future of the local swimming pool.

Copywriters vs copycats

I like new subjects to write about because the constant change keeps my ideas and my writing fresher and I’m less likely to repeat myself.

One client of mine had used a specialist copywriter for her industry, only to find that competitors were being supplied the exact same blog posts for their websites. I’m very cautious about taking on two clients in the same sector, in case of a clash of interests.

So, who do I write for?

In a typical week, I could be writing on any number of subjects for a range of clients:

  • Getting my hands dirty over unblocking gutters for a drainage company;
  • Pushing my imagination to the limit by thinking of exciting things to say about photocopier machines – I’m always up for a challenge;
  • Helping to promote local businesses in my area, such as my local physiotherapist. I love it when they get new clients through one of my blog posts.
  • Taking a deep dive into a specialist subject, such as an academy building surveys
  • Keeping an accountant onside is always a good idea.
  • I’ve also provided the text for quite a few websites, including this property surveyor’s

And sometimes it’s for charity, mate.

In addition to my clients, I like to do some pro bono work for a local hospice charity because it makes me feel good. And I have some fun at the expense of colleagues at my business networking group. Even a routine weekly meeting can generate content that’s entertaining to read

Who benefits from blogging?

I’ve been talking about variety but do my clients have anything in common? Well, they understand the importance of keeping their websites up to date with regular, fresh content, they want to grow their business by communicating with old clients and potential new ones and they’re all exciting and innovative, giving me lots to write about. Apart from that, they’re all different.

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