Stop Shouting at Your Readers! When to use capitals in your copy.

The Germans have always had too many capitals

I’m not talking about Berlin and Bonn; when I started my German GCSE many years ago, the language was strange and new, not least because you have to write every Noun with a Capital Letter. However, since I’ve started writing (and rewriting) other people’s web copy as Bill Blogs, I can’t help but notice that the ‘German vice’ has spread across the North Sea.

How did you spend your extra hour today?

It feels like a gift from the gods – an extra hour to do with as we will. Even though I know those same gods will grab that time back in the spring, it set me thinking about how I use and manage my time.

How on earth do we self-employed make time for work?

I’ve just come back from my first holiday away since I set up Bill Blogs and started online copywriting in the new year, gritting my teeth against swarms of midges and cold water on beaches around the Outer Hebrides with the family – about as far away from my laptop as it’s possible to get.

Spontaneity Takes 6 Weeks

Noel Coward once said that he loved spontaneity on the stage – provided it was rehearsed for at least 6 weeks.

Blogging in the rain (courtesy of Gene Kelly)

Why sunny weather is so bad if you want to write blog posts

I’ve figured out what the magic ingredient is that’s allowed Britain and Ireland to produce so many great writers – rain.

What do people blog about?

This blog post is a first for me. I don’t mean I’m new at blogging; I’ve been doing that for a while now for other people. This is the first time I’ve sat down and written about myself.